My name is Julie, I am almost 30 years old and I live in Northern Ireland. I am originally from Toulon in France but I moved to Ireland in 2006. I am now married to a Northern Irish man and we have 2 little boys. Eoghan who is 3 and little Alfie who was born in March this year.

My granny taught me how to sew when I was small. Since that I have always had a passion for fabric, ribbons, buttons etc... I love creating new things. After many of my friends told me I should sell my creations I decided to give it a go and so far I am very pleased I listened to them. You can find out more about my creations on my facebook page : www.facebook.com/mademoisellepoupette

In addition to this I recently took the decision to start blogging and vlogging to share parts of our daily life as a multicultural family, tutorials, product reviews and much more...

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