Saturday, 20 June 2015

Taking the plunge

I have always believed strongly in two things.

1. that everything happens for a reason trust my instincts.

I haven't got a clue whether it is a good or bad thing but until now following this has led me to make choices that brought me closer to some of my goals in life. So unless proven otherwise, I will keep doing this.

When I embarked on this journey I never thought I could ever get to where I am now. I started Mademoiselle Poupette (at the time Julie's Crafty Creations) when I was pregnant with Eoghan. I had a very difficult pregnancy and was really bored so started to create more and more things. I was posting pictures of my makes on my personal profile on Facebook and my friends kept telling me I should sell them. A few months later (september 2011) I decided to create my Facebook page and see what happens. For the first year, most of the people who bought my creations were people I knew but after a year or so more and more people I did not know started to come to my page and placed orders with me. In September 2013, I made the decision to go part-time in my day job to be able to make orders part time and was pleased to see that it was a sustainable situation. It also allowed me to grow my little business until I had to take a step back to grow my little baby :)

In the past 6 months so many things happened that I felt like I was stuck at a crossroad for quite some time and I knew I needed something to change. Those have been the hardest 6 months of my life but they have helped me come to the conclusion that I should do everything I can to reach my ultimate goals. What are they, you may ask ? Well this will sum it up. I want to be able to give my family a happy life while doing something that makes me happy. Which leads to what I really want to tell you in this post.I am taking the plunge, I am becoming Mademoiselle Poupette full time ! As you may have noticed, I now have 2 pages on Facebook:  Mademoiselle Poupette for all my creations, orders etc and More Mademoiselle Poupette which is linked to my YouTube channel and where I share videos and photos of my daily life, product reviews and other fun things.

This might not work out the way I would like it to and I might have to reverse to 2 part time jobs if it doesn't but the only way I will ever know is if I do give it a shot. For the past few years, sewing has been my hobby, my job, my escape when I needed it. My sewing machine is almost like a therapist sometimes. It also allows me to be able to work while not missing any moments with my little monkeys, they grow up really fast and I feel very fortunate that I can be there for them.

I hope many of you will continue to follow me on my new adventure. Your support makes it so worth it ! I am still on maternity leave but will reopen my order book very soon and am also working on new designs which I hope you will like.

I will end this post with a picture of the 2 little guy who have been keeping me smiling when times were tough and are the main reason behind my decision.

Julie xx

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  1. Oh wonderful news that you have taken the plunge!! I'm looking very forward to seeing all your beautiful new creations when you return from maternity leave!!