Friday, 26 June 2015

My Little French Riviera Box

 Another month, another Little Box review. I was excited to see the theme this month as this is once again where I come from. Here is what I got in my box and what I thought about it.

 This month again, my little world came in a poster form and although I did not mind this the previous months as it had on the back a poster size Kanako illustration, this month I was disappointed to see what looks to me as some sort of summer lookbook which I would not think of puting up on the wall. The contents of the magasine were not bad, there were some interesting looking tutorials.

 One of the goodies was this set of 2 pot covers. The prints on them are lovely, I love the colourscheme. Although they don't look like they would last very long if put outside I am hoping they will not fall apart when I start using them in one of my bathroom cabinets to keep smaller products together and organised.

 Those sunglasses were a very good idea ! I am very pleased they are not black and are light and comfortable to wear. They look like they would offer a very good protection. I will be testing them on my holidays in a few weeks and let you know how they were.

 This month we got 3 beauty products. A lovely blue nailpolish, a body scrub from my Little Beauty and a leave in hair treatments from Kerastase. The nailpolish is a nice colour, perfect for summer. The body scrub has a very fresh scent and a lovely light blue colour as well. Unfortunately as it contains a lot of silicones, I will not be trying the Kerastase treatment and will give it to my sister.

And last but not least, the print which I love. This one will definetely end up on my wall in my sewing room.

I hope you liked this review and if you would to see a video of me opening the box, you can find it just below :)

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