Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Family Holiday in Dublin - Day 1

After the madness of the past few months, we decided a little break was necessary to get back to a normal life. We go on holidays twice a year to visit my family in France but the last time we went on a holiday somewhere else was before we were even married.

We decided to go somewhere not too far and family friendly and decided on Dublin. Over the next few days you will be able to follow our adventures on the blog and YouTube.

Day 1 :

We left right after Eoghan finished school at 12. The trip took less than 2 hours which was perfect as I did not have to stop on the road to feed Alfie. He actually slept the whole time. Eoghan did not have time to get bored either. I had brought plenty of things to keep him busy in the car.

As we could not check in before 3pm and arrived early we went for a little walk around the nearby shopping centre before going to the hotel. The room was nice and the hotel had an on site indoor playroom, playground and swimming pool which was perfect to keep Eoghan entertained.

We went for dinner at the Italian restaurant of our hotel. Although it was really nice I thought it was a bit pricey for what you got but we enjoyed it anyway.

Once Eoghan and Alfie were asleep I had a nice relaxing bath with a one of my favourite bubble bars from Lush in it, The Conforter. I ended up having a bath every night when I usually don't really enjoy baths as i just get bored in them. But after a lot of walking each day I really appreciated them.

If you want to see more about our day, here is the vlog of day 1. Come back tomorrow for day 2 and don't hesitate to leave comments, subscribe to our Youtube Channel and like our facebook page to get updates when we post new content.

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  1. Oh my goodness!! Your family holiday party pictures are outstanding. I am in love with these photos. The food looks so yummy. These pictures are inspiring me to host this year’s holiday party at this stunning venue!