Friday, 12 June 2015

Family Holiday Day 2 & 3

Day 2 :

After a nice breakfast in the hotel, we headed to Imaginosity, Dublin's children museum. I think it was probably, Eoghan's favourite time of the holidays. The paradise of all the children who enjoy pretend play. I had picked an early afternoon on a weekday which was great as other children were in school and Eoghan had most of the place to himself.

We then went to Dundrum shopping centre and had a lovely dinner in Jamie's Italian. I had been wanting to go there for ages and was not disappointed.

Day 3 :

We had prebooked a car park in Dublin City centre for that day. We started with Dublinia, the Viking museum. James and I had been there before the first year we were together and it was strange to think how much our lives have changed since the last time we were there.

We then met with some of my friends and did a bit of shopping, went for a walk in a park and to a lovely coffee shop. We had first planned to bring Eoghan to the natural history museum but by that stage we were all getting very tired and we thought there was no much point in bringing a very tired little boy to do even more walking and headed back to the Hotel.

We ordered a takeaway from Eddie Rocket's in the nearby shopping centre and watched Interstellar before going to bed.

Follow the rest of our trip tomorrow and don't hesitate to leave some comments and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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